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Course Quality Guidelines

ParhPakistani has platform-level minimum and recommended standards for courses. Our review team is ready to help you prepare your course for people to explore.When you publish your course for review, you can expect to receive personalized feedback.

The course landing page has its own value from which the students will decide what they will get by making a payment.A complete course landing page preferably has:

  • A high-quality course related image
  • A well-written course title and subtitle using important keywords
  • A short, authentic, well written summary of the course
  • Specific course goals, target audience, and easy-to – understand criteria
  • A reliable and full bio and profile image of the instructor

The standard of content is respected above all by students. We strongly recommend that you learn what are the best practices to create an educational course that satisfies students.

When preparing to buy a course, student judge a course creator’s professionalism and the way to judge a course ‘s professionalism is through its landing page and the material available as a preview. If the course preview and its landing pages have been published professionally, there is a great chance of getting high sale leads.

Students who pays for the course usually aim for an outstanding learning experience and that cannot be achieved without the help of the instructor. Planning a course with students learning exposure in mind can make you stand out among other instructors.

When deciding to pay for a course , students always wanted to know certain essential features of the course that would help them to push for a checkout page, and for that push factor, the instructor would have to work really hard when designing their course. From planning to production until the courses have been published, each factor is important.

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